Cole Sternberg: on the windward side of the island
2 June - 1 July, 2017

Vernsisage: Thursday 1 June, 18:00 - 21:00
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat 13:00 - 18:00
MAMA has taken on the task of changing forms and becoming a malleable outlet for their artists. After retiring their original Downtown Los Angeles location, MAMA’s program has become a a space beyond the gallery walls, and continues to push boundaries and expectations of creative spaces. MAMA Berlin is the first of many satellite locations to come. The ongoing program of bringing art to the people will continue this summer as they set dates for pop-up exhibitions in NYC and Mexico City.

The first chapter of our journey is Berlin, where we will be presenting a new body of work by artist Cole Sternberg that continue to tread though international waters. His new body of work is the result of a visit to the windward side of Santa Catalina Island, CA, where the work of his studio practice merged with the waters of the western-facing length of the Island. In the works, the environment–chiefly the Pacific Ocean–becomes the true artist. They are by the sea and of the sea. Minimalist and patterned in nature, they are an extension of the artist’s ongoing interest in waters and his visual commentary that deals with social issues, erasure, and subversion. The windward side of the island is the dramatic side. It is the face that stares down the weather and is smashed by waves, the side that looks to the horizon and welcomes the challenges of the sea.

MAMA Gallery is proud to present these artifacts of Sternberg’s strenuous meditation of nature and currents off of Catalina Island for the duration of the month of June, at Keithstraße 10 10787 Berlin, Germany.

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