Check Out 4/4 | Part of Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel 2017
Performances & Installations | 9-12pm, 27 January, 2018
Join us for the final CHECK OUT event, organised and co-authored by Sophia Graefe (Media Culture Scholar, HU Berlin), Anja Henckel (Co-Director Import Projects) and Nadim Samman. Tonight is the culmination of a series exploring contemporary authorship and authority, through installations, performances, and workshops addressing Platform Capitalism vs the Sharing Economy, Mediation vs Meditation, Self-Checkout vs Obsession and Terror vs Revolution.

Tonight is a live mix of positions (and disinhibitions) by five artists - as well as you, the audience.

First up, Icelandic artist and musician Curver Thoroddsen premiers his performance lecture ‘French Kiss with Enya’ (a exploration of the gaelic megastars ethereal, yet powerful, aura). This is followed by a team building group exercise by Swedish artist and stunt actor Helga Wretman, titled ‘In-Group Photo’. Throughout the evening guest will also have the chance to relax inside ‘Saunatorium’, a participatory installation by British artist Alanna Lawley. Additionally, the installations and films ‘Your parcel has been delivered (to your neighbour)’ by Aram Bartholl and ‘Violent Artefacts’ by Dani Ploeger, which developed during previous CHECK OUT sessions will be on display.

21:00 Drinks and abridged introductions to themes explored during CHECK OUT

21:30 French Kiss With Enya pt. 1
‚French Kiss with Enya’ is an ode that will manifest in three distinct parts over the course of a year in Berlin, Reykjavík and London. This audio/visual art project developed by Icelandic multidisciplinary artist Curver Thoroddsen and Import Projects Nadim Samman sets out to examine pop icon Enya and her influences in todays popular culture and unspoken, almost taboo-like cult following in closed musical circles. 90’s visuals and imagery rich in Enya’s ethereal artistic aura are fused with skewed musical exploration and eccentric interviews with scholars and self described Enya-fairies make up the first part of the trilogy debuted in Berlin.

21:30 In-Group Photo
Helga Wretman’s participatory performance In-Group Photo borrows techniques from corporate team building to investigate the construction of group identity. Leading the audience through a sequence of physical and psychological procedures, Helga will forge a new social body.

Approx. 22:30 ongoing Saunatorium
‚Saunatorium’, is an open invitation by Alanna Lawley to Import Project’s visitors to physically and emotionally detoxify inside the gallery. A period of isolation within an open and public space and a rare interaction with those who have also chosen to experience the treatment might turn into surprising experience or an uncomfortable spectacle. Playing with the uncertainty of what could be a healing, transformative experience and the awkward, performative nature of self-care in public.

Installation and Film ‘Violent Artefacts’
An advertising plane flying over historical buildings pulls a banner with the text ‘terror/revolution’; a 16mm film shows the artist in a warzone alongside soldiers who alternatingly fire Kalashnikovs and play with their smart devices; an online order delivery from a shop for ‘Adventure Equipment’ awaits unpacking.

Installation ‘Your parcel has been delivered (to your neighbour)’
For his ongoing installation Aram Bartholl collects different objects and materials of the contemporary commerce and public space to rearrange them at the exhibition space. The elements refer to radical shifts in markets, rising control and a life under the influence of constantly improved algorithms, startup pressure and ‘bullshit jobs’. Over the period of the event series Check Out the installation has been rearranged and changed in dialogue with the audience.

Aram Bartholl’s (DE) public interventions and installations often include surprising physical manifestations of the digital world and tension between public and private, online and offline, technology obsession and everyday life lies at the core of his work. In the form of interventions and installations in the public space, Bartholl examines the effect when components of the digital world come together with reality. His works have been on display at MoMA, Skulptur Projekte Münster, and Hayward Gallery London.

Alanna Lawley (GB) seeks to absorb her environment’s physical terms, creating site-specific architectural constructions that masquerade as photographic collages. Her work is about the personal experience of these fragmented spaces that generate experiences of dismissal, seduction and denial.

Dani Ploeger (NL) combines performance, video, computer programming, and electronics hacking to investigate and subvert techno-consumer culture. Re-purposing, mis-using, and, at times, destroying everyday devices, his work exposes those aspects of digital culture that seem banal and are taken for granted as objects of both physical beauty and political power.

Artist Curver Thoroddsen (IS) whose works turn a playful eye on identity, pop culture and society. One half of Ghostigital, his other musical collaborators include Björk, Sigur Ros and more. Curver has exhibited internationally and in New York and was commissioned by Performa 09 and TBA21 and he is a renowned record producer in Iceland bringing forth numerous acclaimed albums from bands Mínus, Mammút, GlerAkur, Fufanu and Singapore Sling.

Helga Wretman has shown work at Based in Berlin, Bergen Kunsthall, Lyon Biannual, Internet Pavilion at Venice Biannual and Palais de Tokyo. Helga explores the fake and real, possibilities and limitations of the body and technology. As an Artist and Stunt double, Wretman thrives on pushing her limits and improving the state of her surrounding. Helga is also creator and host of the internet television show Fitness for Artist TV on Arte Creative.
Saturday, 20 Jan, 19.00 CHECK OUT 1/4
Discussion, Installations, films, performances by Aram Bartholl (artist), Sophia Graefe (media culture scholar), Anja Henckel (Co-Director Import Projects) and Dani Ploeger (artist)

Tuesday, 23 Jan, 19.00 CHECK OUT 2/4
Lecture performance ‘Schreckschusswaffe’ (blank gun) by Dani Ploeger

Thursday, 25 Jan, 19.00 CHECK OUT 3/4
Workshop 'Got a few minutes?' by Aram Bartholl

Saturday, 27 Jan, 21.00 - midnight CHECK OUT 4/4
'Frenchkiss with Enya', a performance by Curver Thoroddsen and installation & performance 'Saunatorium' by Alanna Lawley, Installations and films by Aram Bartholl and Dani Ploeger